The Road Ahead

April 30, 2021

Why Write?

The thing I have struggled with during the last few years was not ideas, execution or building stuff. There isn't a lot of resistance when I have to build things (designing and coding), but when it comes to writing or writing content, the resistance has been strong.

I'll turn 21 in a few days, and if I build the habit of writing at a young age, it will compound in the future, and I will be able to use it for everything I do.

I will be a better storyteller, copywriter, content creator, and thinker.

It doesn't need to be perfect

Like many people doing creative work, I often struggle with perfectionism.

But with time, I realize that I will improve faster by focusing on quantity rather than quality. When I'll be good enough, and the habit will be built I will take the time because it will be worth it.

Creative work is very biased, and when we have our nose to the grindstone, we tend to not notice what really matters to others. This can be solved by producing a lot, and adjusting aggressively by using feedback.

The ceramics class story is a great example of this.

About this Blog

The main inspiration for this blog is Nat Eliason, who started writing early in his career, and he used his blog as leverage for getting jobs, starting an SEO agency, selling products, and meeting cool people.

I used Webflow even if I know how to code because having a CMS where I can quickly design and write is handy.

I will use this blog to write about subjects I want to explore, document my work, my projects, and learn more about SEO, which I wanted to add to my tool belt for a few years.

Creating blog posts regularly will also help me exercise my design muscle, by creating custom covers that look like this:

The Long Term

I've built a few projects since I was 16, and even if some of them lasted more than a year, my intentions were mainly to make a quick buck in high school and college, and even if these projects were very useful and taught me a lot, "making a quick buck" is the wrong approach to building wealth.

With time, I started to understand that I will have a more fulfilling life and career by focusing the long term. The long term allows for compounding of relationships, money and opportunities, and allows you to build more leverage to do cooler things.

I don't regret trying a lot of things, it allowed me to become decent in Design, Marketing, and Code, and according to Naval:

"If you learn how to both sell and build, you will be unstoppable."
Naval Ravikant

My focus for the rest of 2021

To start laying out the foundations of a long term approach to my life and career, during the rest of this year, I will do the following things:

  • Build projects that can compound (content, online courses, apps...)
  • Get my degree of International Business (finally)
  • Meet cool people
  • Become a better developer, designer, marketer and content creator

Written by Alexandru Golovatenco

I’m slowly building a portfolio of SaaS, while sharing what I learn along the way.

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