Tiger Bands

The website has been down since 2017

In short

My first try at building something when I was 16 years old, I tried to build an e-commerce business, which sold wrist bands for watches and apple watches. The business failed due to my lack of experience at the time and a bad choice of niche.

Why ?

I jumped into the drop shipping bandwagon after seeing some content online and thought it was an interesting business model. And it led me to create this project.


  • Finding real painful problems to solve with a business is not easy as a 16-year-old high school kid.
  • Not knowing anything about business.
  • I had to learn everything ranging from Facebook ads, to web design with Shopify, to how e-commerce works.

One of the first Facebook ads I made (yes It's pretty bad)
This one really doesn't look legit 😅

Milestones & Achievements

2017: I had made my first "sale" online! (to a Canadian guy, who ended up asking for a refund 😅)


  • It’s a bummer that I didn’t start with a more “noble” business model, but the experience was still very valuable, and helped me get my first startup job at Bankin’ a few years later.
  • I think that when you're young it is really important to try projects to learn as much as you can, many of the skills I learned had an influence on what I could do later in life and opened new doors.
  • My first tries at designing something were pretty terrible, but now I can do stuff like this or this without much effort, consistency is king!
The first version of the Logo