Marketing Banana

YouTube Channel (project now rebranded into Software Growth)

In short

Marketing Banana is a YouTube channel on which I wanted to talk about marketing and consumer psychology, I wanted to focus on SaaS businesses and try to make interesting content for people to watch and learn from. But I ended up using this project to get a cool job.

Why ?

In 2020, I set a goal for myself to build a portfolio of small SaaS apps for the next few years, and creating this YouTube channel would be a fun way to become more knowledgeable in SaaS marketing, to provide value, to build a niche audience, and to make some side-income.

Milestones & Achievements

April 2020: Made my first video
August 2020: Thanks to this channel, I got a job at Marketing Mania, a French YouTube channel that focuses on similar subjects as Marketing Banana's, but with a focus on developing service, coaching and content related businesses.

I used this channel as leverage to get a job at Marketing Mania, and looking at the first logo of the project, it's pretty obvious:

March 2022: I rebranded this project as Software Growth, and will create content about SaaS marketing on it.