Software Growth

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In short

Software Growth is a media project in which I want to create educational content and case studies about SaaS growth. I try to make interesting content to entertain and share what I learn about growing software businesses.


As I've been involved in growing SaaS businesses for a few years and want to grow my own software projects now that I know how to code, it made sense for me to document what I learn because I think it's cool, and it's also the kind of content that inspired me to get started with all of this. (+ it can make money in the long run, which is a great bonus)


  • April 2022: Official launch of the project, and creation of a first test video about Nomad List to validate the idea.
  • May-November 2022: I learned how to do scraping during the summer, built my first real-world app YT.Careers, and became CEO of SchoolMaker to practice building/growing software because it's important for me to practice doing the thing before preaching & documenting.