In short

YT.Careers is a platform that strives to make it easier for creators and talented writers, video editors, and artists to find the right fit to work with.

Why ?

I've been on both sides of the content creation coin. I've looked for jobs because I wanted to work with YouTubers (and got one thanks to the Marketing Banana project), and I've seen how other creator friends struggle to find good talent for their business.

So I wanted to create a solution to solve these problems, which would make it easier for YouTubers to hire the right person for their business quickly, and would help creative professionals find fulfilling work with ethical creators.


  • Summer of 2022: Learned web scraping to collect new job offers from YouTubers automatically
  • October 2022: Launched the MVP of YT Careers!
    (my first SaaS MVP 🎉)
  • November 2022: Starting marketing through Twitter, reaching out, and a newsletter.