Here are some of the last few year's building blocks that lead to today:

2017: In high school, I didn't relate to people around me, I escaped by reading business books and tried to build my first business.

🧱 Learned that I didn't fit with most people, had a hard time getting good graded, but was still very hungry for succeeding in life, I started having a strong thirst for knowledge, and started having more ambitious goals. I learned how to build sites and how to do paid ads, and started reading business self improvement books.

2018: Started a clothing brand with friends, had a lot of fun, lost more interest in school, but learning and reading even more, I also finished high school, started college, and got my first job as a salesman.

🧱 Started resenting the traditional school system for how little it prepares you for real life, while still being very pro-education and learning online. I was glad that I had learned how to work with other people, negotiate, and sell on the side.

2019: Got my first startup job in a fintech, tried to build another ecom brand, started to get more interested in SaaS and coding. Started following more and more online courses and learning from the internet.

🧱 Discovered how different the tech industry was from the rest of the world, if felt like home for me, I knew that I wanted to continue working around tech / marketing / design.

2020: I built foundations in marketing at my startup job, then started working with a YouTuber, doing video editing for him. I built design foundations by building websites for clients, making posters, and I started to learn how to code.

🧱 Started building a marketing, design, and coding foundation.

2021: Joined SchoolMaker as the first employee (wearing the designer and marketer hat), finished college, and continued learning how to code. I was also improving regularly by following online courses.

🧱 Building a more solid marketing, design, and coding foundation.

2022: Wrote a book, released my first piece of software, started a YouTube channel about SaaS growth, and became the CEO of SchoolMaker at the end of the year.

🧱 Started to apply what I knew to more ambitious projects.

2023: I learned how to manage a team, lead, make decisions, be a PM, and got good results for SchoolMaker. Grew my YT job board to 500 users, built a new SaaS in less than a month. I also traveled a bit and and met dozens of entrepreneur in the US and in Thailand.

🧱 A lot of things started to click this year, I started to feel like appreciated for the work I put in so far, which makes me want to double down even more in 2024.

2024: ⚙️Building more SaaS projects, growing SchoolMaker.

Last updated in December 2023.

The inspiration for a “now” page originally comes from Derek Sivers. The concept has its own site here:

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